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Superior Specimen Palms : Choose Quality.

Most of the large specimen palms we sell today have been cultivated from seeds and or small containers over the past 27 years on this very property. We have been low key and patient, not to mention very blessed to be able to carry out our long-term business plan covering our costs through the years and arriving at the palm specimens we display herein today. It’s important to note that while we have nurtured these palms with careful fertilization through the years, we have amassed our most abundant stock and have focused on growing Phoenix Canariensis, Phoenix Sylvestris, Copernicia Baileyana, as well as Phoenix Dactalifera. We sell various other palm species and some native tree varieties, including some exotics as you will see herein. We offer spectacular individual specimens in every category we sell, call, and make an appointment to see what we have to offer in person.


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