Bailey Palm

Copernicia Baileyana

Bailey Palm

Bailey Palms grace the landscape with a commanding and majestic presence that provides a strong vertical statement of elegance unmatched in the palm kingdom. Their enormous, rigid fan leaves distinguish them from all other palm species, with colors ranging from medium dark green to a silvery blue green. At maturity they form a 20-foot-wide canopy and usually display a stout columnar trunk that resembles a stately classical column.
These palms are native to Cuba, growing in the savannahs and woodlands in the central and eastern provinces of the island. They are very slow growing; however, they can reach up to 65+ feet in overall height. In the natural rural countryside, their large fan leaves are used for weaving hats, baskets, and for roof thatch.
The bailey is well suited for tropical or warm subtropical climates, although it has not been verified by us, we have been told that they have been seen to survive north of central part of Florida.
We have sold all our small plants and focus only on our remaining large specimens for sale or keepsakes. This rare and magnificent palm is worth investing in for the long-term value it provides to your property.

Cold Hardiness
Copernicia baileyana exhibits remarkable cold hardiness in southern California, defying its tropical Cuban origin.
Slow Growth, Longevity
Despite its slow growth rate, this fan palm can thrive for 20-30 years to form a trunk, offering a testament to its longevity and lasting beauty.
Aesthetic Appeal
Known for its impressive large leaves with precise geometric patterns and stiff structure, even the leaflet tips remain resilient against wind, making it an excellent ornamental specimen.



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