Canary Island Date Palm

Phoenix Canariensis

Canary Island Date Palm

The Canary Island Date Palm grows with various natural features making a statement of elegance and beauty in trunk width, canopy size, and trunk patterns. Pursuant to customer preference we can enhance each palm’s inherent natural features with custom accentuating the unique positives each tree provides us with. Come and select your tree(s) and let’s discuss the customized results its features offer.

These jewels of the palm species reflect an importance by their majestic beauty displayed with their natural diamond print on trunk or thickened collar presentation. Whether trunk is requested by our clients in an imposing hulking stout fashion, or tall and slender elegance contrasting a broad graceful head, the Canary Island date palm provides a statement of importance to any landscape.

A huge crown of over 50 arching pinnate leaves that may reach up to 18’+ long adorn the top of its trunk. The leaves are usually a deep green fading to a deep yellow/orange stem where the leaflets are replaced by very sharp vicious spines. Many will display the bunched small date seeds stems turning ½” dates from yellow to a luscious deep bright orange making a dramatic colorful contrast with the deep green leaves and dark trunk.

Originally native to the Canary Islands in the Atlantic Ocean just off the northwest coast of Africa. The Palm grows on all seven islands, perhaps more profusely in the island of Gran Canaria one of the seven that make up this volcanic archipelago known as the Canary Islands; from desert conditions to almost a lush tropical setting it seems to thrive very well throughout all the islands there and indeed today all over the world.

USDA Zones 8b-11 Frost tolerant.

Ornamental appeal
Large, feathery leaves and a pineapple-shaped nut when pruned add an elegant presence to landscapes and gardens.
Adaptability to diverse climates
Thrives in wet-winter or Mediterranean climates to humid subtropical regions, and can tolerate colder temperatures in high-latitude oceanic climates with protection during extended cold periods.
Slow and steady growth
Patiently develops into a long-lasting and majestic addition to outdoor spaces, exclusively propagated by seed, showcasing resilience and endurance.



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