4 Justin Farms!

As a sophomore studying Architecture at Cal Poly, Pomona, I became convinced that to achieve the best solutions in architectural design one must truly be able to understand and expand on the setting of the landscape you intend to create your design on.

The answer to my quest was easy; I changed my major to landscape architecture and pursued a master's degree in architecture to have this complete design understanding. That single decision has contributed and enriched my life more than I thought possible, for not only developing design insight through one of the most prominent schools of Landscape Architecture in the world, but also for introducing me to a new world of plant species and the unique and marvelous characteristics inherent in each specimen. As life's turns sometimes alter ones direction, in 1980 I became a General Contractor and developer not delving into the plant community outside of my projects until now with our Four Justin Farm.

We would like to provide you the best product possible with our palms.

With appointment, we will display our gallery of trees and allow you to select for yourself. We will sell one tree or arrange a sale in bulk depending on your needs. If requested we will be happy to opine on design solutions and work with your needs at most any scale.

Mr. Cabrera has served on the Board of Belen Jesuit Preparatory School since 1997. Here he has been instrumental as Chairman of the Agape Committee, creating the Belen Agape Scholarship Fund which grants full scholarships to Afro-American students to attend Belen Jesuit School.

He serves on the Boards of Directors of MiamiĀ“s Camillus House and Camillus Health Concern. These ministries of the Brothers of the Good Shepherd provide food, shelter, medical, mental illness and addictions treatment and job placements to persons who are poor and homeless in South Florida.

He is a former board member of the Catholic Health and Rehabilitation Foundation; The Zoological Society of Florida; as well as former board member of the Associated Builders and Contractors Association.